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Best Exercises to getting Rid of Love handle Fast



The excess of the stomach and waist is a matter of concern. Not only does this make it look bad, but it can also cause many diseases. For this, we’ll talk about effective exercise, yoga, and diet that can help reduce belly fat. All these things are useful only if they are done regularly. Leaving it for a day or two can do a lot more harm than good.

Causes of love handle:

Exercises to getting Rid of Love handle Fast

1. Genetic

According to scientific research, some fat cells in the body grow genetically. If someone’s family has been affected by this problem, then the coming generation may also suspect this problem.


2. Poor gastrointestinal process

With aging, the digestive system also begins to weaken. The gastrointestinal system also gets affected. For this reason, abdominal fat can also increase.

3. Hormone changes

Women usually face hormonal changes. At the age of 40, fat can increases faster. Then during menopause, estrogen hormone levels are low and androgen hormone levels are high. This is often why the fat around the waist becomes more.

4. Stress 

A person with stress is surrounded by many diseases one after the other. An increase in body fat is additionally one among them. Stress causes high cortisol hormone levels within the blood. Cortisol can increase body fat levels, making fat cells larger. During this condition, fat usually grows around the stomach.

5. Other diseases

Some diseases are such, which are susceptible to weight gain. Additionally, kidney problems, thyroid, and coronary failure also can increase obesity.

6. The habit of sitting and working

In this era of modernity, life has become very easy that one has almost stopped doing physical activities. Everyone tries to try their work sitting, whether in the office or home. Now, rather than taking time to exercise, many of us like better to watch TV or work on computers. As a result, body fat levels may increase.

7. More protein and less carbs

What we do not eat during the day. Sometimes under work pressure or stress, they overeat and don’t concentrate on nutrients. Protein decreases within the taste of the body and carbs and fat are high. In this way, fat starts to grow around the waist and abdomen. this is often why high protein and low carbohydrate diets are considered beneficial in reducing weight.

Steps to start reducing love handles

twisted mountain climber
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1. Increase your body flexibility (1-3 days)– Do light warming exercises. this may make the body more fleshy and prepared for further exercise.


2. Develop 3 to 6 days of stamina– Increase some time to exercise like twisted mountain climber gradually so to build up the stamina to try to add more hard exercise within the body.

3. (6-9 days) do spin bike, trade mill walk – Increase the amount of time you exercise. Spend longer exercising sort of a spin bike, a trade mill walk.

4. Exercise your lower pelvic region- Exercises such as double leg crunches, single-leg crunches, scissors, both at dusk and in the morning.

5. (12-30 days) do full exercises in the waist and abdomen– As with chronic exercise, perform cycle crunches, leg stretch, leg drop, planks, side crunches, V crunches, and abdominal exercises.

Exercises for reducing love handle:

1. Single leg stretch

Single leg stretch
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 Lie on your back and lift both the legs. Now bend the left foot to the knee and secure it with your hands. Straighten your legs after 5 seconds. Then do the process with the right foot. Repeat ten to twelve times. 

2. Double leg stretch

Double leg stretch
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Lie on your back and lift both the legs. Then bend the two legs together with their knees. Hold your legs with your hands for five seconds. Straighten your legs back. Repeat ten to twelve times. 

3. Scissors

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Raise both legs while lying on the back. Slowly lower your right leg and make it straight. Then, lift your right leg as you bring down the left foot. Repeat to 10-12 times.

4. Leg drop


Leg drop
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Slowly lift your legs up and down on your back. Wait for a while. Then, bring your legs down and stop at a 45-degree Angle. Repeat it 10-12 times. 

5. Squats


The same question is still going on in the mind that how to reduce love handle, then squat can prove to be the best exercise. To do this one has got to stand directly on the bottom. After this, keep the hands straight, bend the knees. Now stay like this for a couple of seconds then come to the initial state. it’s also practiced as a women’s exercise for flat abs.

6. Side plank

side plank
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Lie down on your side. Lift the body with one hand and both legs, and hold it up for 30 seconds. Keep your stomach and thighs flat. Do it 10-12 times.

7. V crunch

V crunch
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Lying on your back and stretching your hands, lift them in line with your ears. Then, lift both legs and make the v position as you exhale. Do it 10-12 times.

8. Running

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Nothing is better than running to keep the body fit and reduce the love handle. By running, the heart can function well and burn excess calories, which can reduce fat gradually.

9. Cycling

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Cycling can also be done as an exercise to reduce the love handle. It has been considered the best and easiest cardio exercise. This can lead to the good exercise of legs, legs, and thighs. Excess body fat and calories can also be reduced. For this reason, cycling is considered one of the ways to reduce waist fat.

10. Weight training

Weight training
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Weight training exercises are also included in the way to reduce the love handle. By doing weight lifting exercises, not only can the body get an attractive shape, but body fat can also be reduced. Keep in mind that weight training should only be done under the supervision of a professional trainer.

11. Sit-ups

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Sit-ups are also included in the exercise to reduce the love handle. This easy exercise can reduce the fat of not only the stomach but also other parts of the body. Depending on your convenience within the morning or evening, this exercise is often finished 5-10 minutes.

12. Climb up and down on stairs

Climb up and down on stairs
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If you can not do the exercises mentioned above, you can climb and descend the easiest stairs. it’s nothing in need of exercise to scale back stomach. Yes, extra fat also can be reduced by climbing and descending the stairs. For this, climbing and descending the steps of the house can be started about 10 minutes every morning and evening. Using the stairs rather than the lift while getting to office also can be included within the measures to scale back the waist and abdomen.

13. Plank

Plank workouts
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Plank is a simple exercise. By doing this, the body’s balance can also be improved along with reducing the fat. 

To do this, one has to get into a state of push-ups, and then the body will have to be in a straight line while putting the weight of the entire body on the arms. During this time only the elbows and paws should be on the ground and the rest of the body in the air. Now hold the body during this state for as long as possible.


Diet tips to reduce love handle:

love handle
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1. Soup: If you want to love to handle fat, you can include soup in your diet. Especially, consuming it at night can help in losing weight. It’s light and doesn’t contain many calories, thanks to which fat can’t be increased.

2. Fruits: Measures to scale back tummy include fruit intake. Fruits can help in controlling weight also as giving essential nutrients to the body. It’s believed that the fiber present in fruits can reduce fat. this is often why it’s important to incorporate fruits into your routine.

3. Vegetables: How to reduce love handle, if this question is troubling, then vegetables can be given a place in the daily diet. Yes, these vegetables can help keep the body healthy and reduce fat, as they are low in calories.

4. Beans: You can also include beans in home remedies to reduce the stomach. Whether lentil beans or green beans can all help in losing weight. It is rich in fiber and fiber can help reduce weight by reducing the frequent hunger and controlling the desire to eat more.

5. High protein food: High protein food is also the answer to the question of how to reduce the love handle. Eating protein-rich foods can help in losing weight. Protein-rich food includes oats, chia seeds, lentils, avocado, soy milk, etc.

Tips to reduce love handle:

1. Eat-in moderation

What to eat and drink in the morning empty stomach
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Think about the way to lower your belly by eating quite 3 times each day of hunger. This is why it is necessary to eat small meals every three to four hours. This will also help to improve digestion and prevent the body from getting the extra fat.

2. Drink more water

Drinking More Water Cures Constipation
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Drinking almost 8-10 glasses of water in a day is essential to health. The water should not be drunk unless it is thirsty or dry throat. Drink a little water at every given time. Drinking water may reduce the habit of overeating.

3. Potassium-rich foods

Nut-based Banana Smoothie
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Bananas, oranges, and apricots are rich in potassium, which can help in losing weight. Now, whenever the question comes to mind how the stomach will be reduced, then put potassium-rich foods in the daily diet.

4. Smoothies

What to put in your smoothies?
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If it is possible, then try to start your day with a fruit smoothie. In particular, watermelon smoothies should be consumed. Watermelon contains a sufficient amount of water. After eating it, the stomach remains full and doesn’t desire to eat anything. Now when the question involves the mind, the way to reduce the stomach, then include the melon smoothie within the daily diet.

5. Green tea

How to make green tea
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 How to reduce love handle is an answer to your question is green-tea. The catchine compound can be helpful in weight control. You can drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea in a day to lose weight.

6. Complete sleep

Take a good sleep -
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Methods of losing love handle work only when a person takes a complete sleep. Everyone should have taken 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping more or less are both important reasons for gaining weight.

7. Change the routine 

Focusing too much on the stopwatch
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Along with trying to reduce the love handle, it’s important to change the routine. It’s important to vary the habits of sitting or eating frequently throughout the day.

8. Avoid sugar-rich and deep-fried foods

how to overcome binge eating disorder
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Regardless of how an individual’s stomachs should be consumed, this is often especially important to avoid sugary and deep-fried foods. Otherwise, weight loss measures might not be effective.


We have already explained in detail how to lose belly fat. From all points, it’s clear that losing weight in your waist and belly isn’t so difficult. Exercise, lifestyle changes, and a diet can make everyone reduce easily. What’s needed is determination, without which man is unable to try anything.

We hope this article helped you to know about the exercises to getting Rid of love handle fast.

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