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Best ways to maintain a healthy weight loss



Being healthy is a healthy weight balance. People who are weighed according to their age and height enjoy a healthy life. Hence, as much as required is to be reduced to obesity. Losing weight is not that hard, but maintaining the weight that is reduced. In most cases of weight loss, weight loss returns. How to build synergy between weight loss and maintenance?

Why lose weight come back quickly?

Best ways to maintain a healthy weight loss
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Somethings have to be taken care of to lose weight and maintain it. First of all, try not to lose weight fast. The target for a weight loss is approximately 2 kg (up to 3 kg) per month. If you lose a lot faster, there will be more chance of it coming back. Because people crash dieting to lose weight quickly. This reduces the body’s metabolism. When you return to a normal diet, weight gain is fast due to low metabolism.

  • Often, people lose weight using dieting and heavy exercise but do not change their lifestyle. Lifestyle change means eating healthy instead of starving, making exercise a part of life, and accepting an active lifestyle. Get used to doing a lot of small things on your own and find an excuse for moving around.
  • Dieting often involves fasting. They do not miss feasting after a fast. The harder it was to lose weight, the faster it returned.
  • People either stop or lessen the amount of exercise after they lose weight. He feels like he lost weight, now what is the need for exercise. This is not right. This also brings weight back immediately.


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If you’re taking 1,200-1500 calories a day for weight loss, there’s something you can do to maintain. However, depending on age, body type, and mood of work, you’ll need calories for everyone. As athletes and people who exercise, they need more calories, while people who do sitting jobs need less.

  1. Reduce carb intake and eat more protein: Our diet is 30-40 percent rich in carbs, 20 percent of fat, and 40-50 percent of protein.
  2. While those who do need 1.2 grams of protein for every kilogram of weight. A 70kg body weighing regular exercise will need 84 g of protein per day. Eggs and chicken have a good amount of protein. For vegetarians, soybeans, lentils, tofu, and cheese are a good source of protein.
  3. Avoid eating anything immediately when you stop dieting: Even so, dieting doesn’t have to be hungry, but it has to eat intelligently to eat things that have low-calorie content and are healthy. Eat more high-fiber (pulses, whole grain, etc.) and juicy fruits (malta, orange, watermelon, etc.). They also enhance metabolism.
  4. Instead of simple carb (potato, Arabic, flour, rice, chikoo, grapes, bananas), add complex carbs (whole grains, oats, pulses, chickpeas, brown rice) to the food. Simple carb quickly turns into sugar and increases fat and sugar levels in the body. The complex carb fibers make you feel longer and full.
  5. There is a thorough ban on eating a large number of items when you lose weight, and once you lose weight, we may try to put it off somewhat. Eating things (rice, sugar, flour, butter, chocolate, etc.) that were strictly prohibited can be taken occasionally but in the limit.
  6. Green tea helps you lose weight: Continue to drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day. Also, drink plenty of liquid. Use lemon water, buttermilk, coconut water, etc. in addition to 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  7. Change the mode of cooking: Bake as much as you can, and eat as much. If you want to eat sugary foods, make sure to make cold milk without adding sugar, or make a mango shake. Instead of ice cream, there are fewer low fat pudding. Instead of samosas, eat dhokla or idli instead of soft drinks, drink lemon water, coconut water, etc.
  8. Don’t eat food while watching TV or gossiping: This often involves eating a lot of food.

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Things to do for maintaining a healthy weight:

Things to do for maintaining a healthy weight
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1. Make easy-to-achieve goals

 Once you’ve decided to lose weight, make your goals that are easy to achieve. By setting a goal, you’ll be able to work it out and you’ll lose weight very soon. The first thing they know is what’s connected between fat and calories.

The excess weight you gain in your body is due to the fat. 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories and 1 kg of fat equal to 7700 calories. This means that if you lose 1 kg in 1 month, you need to consume n times 7700 calories (where n means the number of calories you want). This will take you to new, healthier habits.

2. Do Yoga

Exercise also improves your mood because it brings out mood-boosting substances that make you feel happier, healthier, and more confident. You can do yoga, learn to dance, or even go jogging. Find a workout partner. If you find a partner to talk to, you’ll find it more fun and time to exercise.

3. Sleep properly

Sleep deprivation can often affect your mental and physical health so adults don’t get enough sleep right in the present time, so try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.


Turn off all electronic devices carefully 30 minutes before bed. These include computers, iPods, cellphones. The light coming out of these affects your body, making it harder to sleep properly. 10 pm is the perfect time to sleep.

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4. Try to make changes slowly

If you try to change everything immediately, your body will be in a mess and it will be hard to implement the changes in your diet so that you lose weight will come back. For example, you could start exercising for 15 minutes or use olive oil instead of butter to eat.

Do not eat foods full of carbohydrates and sugar, but eating foods full of protein and fiber. The drinks that contain high sugar are extremely harmful because your body can’t recognize the liquid sugar and turn it into fat. Avoid eating when you’re not hungry, and try to change your habits (preferably drinking chocolate if you want to eat it), or if you feel like eating it outside, make something at home instead.

5. Eat on time

Eating three large meals is often better than eating small meals 5-6 times. This increases the body’s metabolism and makes it easier for you to achieve your goal.

  • Eat breakfast daily. Don’t skip any time you eat, as this will keep you from getting thinner. Breakfast if you won’t eat then your body will store more calories and lunch and dinner it will force you to eat more.
  • Start your food with soup or salad. this way you will eat fewer calories and when your main food comes you will eat less as your stomach has already been filled.

6. Make a specific plan of eating

If you need to eat a healthy diet to lose weight, it’s important to plan your meal so that you don’t eat something that will harm you if you’re hungry.

  • So for breakfast, you can eat 1/2 grapefruit, one bowl oatmeal with a little honey, or another half grapefruit 2 piece wheat bread.
  • Lettuce is a great way to eat lettuce, spinach, carrots, little walnuts, 1/2 avocado, and beans.
  • Try at least twice a day, one between breakfast and lunch, and another snack between lunch and dinner. Eat something full of protein, like boiling egg and apple once and blueberries and flaxseed.
  • For dinner, you can have rice (brown) or grilled fish.

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Avoid common mistakes of weight loss:

Avoid common mistakes of weight loss
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1. Don’t think you have to cut sweets completely


If you leave eating this kind of food, you will have more of your desire for them. Consume the sweet once a week to avoid this. Never punish yourself if you’ve ever had something wrong with eating. Take the lesson from it and make sure to eat nutritious food in the future.

2. Remember the calories are the same

No magic can elevate your metabolism and anyway, the calories each meal and drinks are the same. Just what they’re going to affect will be different.

  • For example, most of the calories in salads are just like pastry the difference is that the calories in salads are giving more nutrition and you don’t need to eat anything after you eat it.
  • There’s no food to boost the metabolism. Make sure you eat the right and nutritious meal than eating less.

3. Avoid pretending to eat dietetically

There are thousands of different weight reduction tricks, but make sure there is no magical food that can drop and maintain your weight.

4. Don’t decrease your diet completely

This will damage your physical and mental health. People who lose weight like this lose weight become twice within 5 years.

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The disadvantage of maintaining a healthy weight:

The disadvantage of maintaining a healthy weight
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  • Don’t starve yourself, it will not only damage your body in more ways than just your hair, your health, but even death in the long run.
  • Remember that being thin isn’t the biggest requirement of life. If you’re a little heavy body right from birth, it’s going to be hard to lose weight anyway. Avoid worrying about it and be happy as it is.


You’re making changes in your life that will keep you from losing weight for a lifetime. It’s important to be patient to achieve your goal.


It is a little bit tough to maintain a healthy weight. One thing you keep it in your mind is that if you want to maintain a lifetime healthy weight so try to make a small goal set and do Yoga/exercise on regular basis not only for losing weight and be patient because every bodies metabolism and functioning is different some bodies take time to maintain a healthy weight as well some bodies can easily maintain a healthy weight.

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