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How to Boost Immunity during Coronavirus



Immunity is the state of the body to protect or resist itself from the diseases and infections which are caused by viruses, bacteria, bacteriophages (virus invading bacteria), and other parasites. Immunity can be of 3 types that are: Innate/Inbuilt Immunity, Acquired/Adaptive Immunity, and Passive Immunity. 

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Innate /Inbuilt Immunity

It is the Primary type of Immunity, makes the first line of defense. It is a non- specific type (i.e. does not protect from any specific type of pathogen or foreign particles) which everyone is born with by god’s grace. This can be found on the skin, enzymes in tears, mucous trapping bacteria, stomach lining and acids, and cough reflexes which kills the pathogen in the first encounter. Interferon and Interleukin 1 are the two chemical components of innate immunity.

Acquired/Adaptive Immunity


It is the Secondary type of Immunity and makes the second line of defense, specific type (from the specific pathogens ) and is adapted by the body after encountering the pathogen or foreign particles. It is a target-specific and makes antibodies to neutralize the threat and effects of antigens. After the neutralization of the disease, the acquired immunity remembers. It gets activated once again when the second attack is done on the host.

Passive Immunity

It is a kind of ready-made antibodies injected or transferred in a person who is slow to show immune response and take time to build up the antibodies and the antigens. This type of Immunity lasts only for a short period of time and there are high risks and chances of getting the infection again. For evidence; After the birth of an infant the transfer of antibodies takes from mother to infant via the placenta. This type of immunity may lasts for 6 to 10 months


concept of herd immunity
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Herd Immunity concept is now a day in the news. It’s an indirect way of protection. It is seen, a large number of the population is in contact with a contagious disease and becomes immune. Those who are not in contact will be indirectly immune from the disease. 80 – 90 percent of the population is required to achieve herd immunity.

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What is Immune system ?

It is the body’s overall defense mechanism against any foreign agent that causes infection in the body. Here, hosts resist against the attack by antigens It consists of many biological structures that function properly to encounter and detect the pathogens that are from viruses, bacteria, and parasites to build pathogen-specific immunity.

What is Immune response ?

Sudden reactions occurring in the body to recognize and defend itself occurs. It appears as pathogens attacks the host cell. The immune response can be primary (Innate) and secondary(Adaptive).

How to Boost Immunity quickly ?

Choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle plays a key role in enhancing the immunity of the body. It is not something that is achieved overnight. The functioning of the immune system in a balanced and harmonious way requires eating habits and hygiene maintenance. The emergence of novel and highly contagious viruses had developed fear and anxiety in the population. Everyone is talking about building immunity quickly.

Here are few tips to Boost Immunity:

1. Consume a diet rich in fruits and green vegetables


green vegetables and fruits
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Green vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrition, easy to digest, low in calories, wide and diversified nutrients present. Fruits should be included in the diet to suffice the body with vitamins and minerals. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables in a good amount. Never overcook the vegetables as to avoid nutrient deficient meal.

2. Choose vegetarian food over non- vegetarian

2. Choose vegetarian food over non- vegetarian -
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Vegetarian food preferred over non-vegetarian because of its high nutrition value and low-calorie. Easy to cook and less time taken to digest it. Also, improves the functioning of digestive and liver system. If consuming non-vegetarian food cook it thoroughly and never eat them raw or half-cooked meat.

3. Doing Regular exercises and physical activity

3. Doing Regular exercises and physical activity -
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Doing exercise and any physical activity enhances oxygen level capacity of lungs and boosts immunity, keeping disease at bay.

4. Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI

4. Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI -
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Remember, healthy weight does not mean being lean and slim. In addition, well balanced and strong enough inside. Keep the physique in a considerate body proportion. Eating on time and keep tracking on consuming calories helps to manage weights.

5. Take a good sleep

5. Take a good sleep -
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Sleep is the solution for maximum problems. An adequate amount of sleep relaxes all the hormones and gets time to recuperate and heal. Sleep has shown maximum benefits in improving immunity and overcoming in depression.

6. Avoid alcohol consumption or drink in moderate


6. Avoid alcohol consumption or drink in moderate -
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Alcohol drinking beyond the recommended daily value destroys the liver functionality and ultimately weakens the immune system. Replace this with consuming gallons of water, helps in detoxing blood and flush out the toxins. Drink lemonade and watermelon juices.

7. Washing hands frequently

Washing hands with soap or using alcohol based sanitizers reduces chance of infection.

8. Wearing a mask in public place

8. Wearing a mask in public place -
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Mask should be consider an important part of the lifestyle. Use of cotton made 3 layered, surgical mask, N-95 mask, or Cloth folded in 3 layered can put on the face to reduce the chances of infection in closed areas and public places.

9. Minimize stress and anxiety level

High-stress level deteriorates the weaken the immune response and chances of infections becomes more vulnerable. Extremities in stress and anxiety level lead to disturbing the mental health and premature death sometimes.

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10. Quit Smoking

Smoking is consider bad for health. It damages the pleura membrane of the lungs and even provokes lung cancer.

Is it a good Idea to use Supplements to boost immunity ?

Is it a good Idea to use Supplements to boost immunity ?
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To build a better Immunity many people suggest taking supplements of vitamins and minerals. Supplements are only taken to fill the gaps in the diet. In markets, various brands of supplements being flooded. Also, Doctors suggests the patients to directly source it via fresh fruits and vegetables. Rich in dietary fibers and easily absorbed by the body.

Always choose fresh vegetables and fruits which are vibrant in colors which fulfill the demand of the body. Vitamins can be water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin B and C never stored in the body.

Therefore, it is required to maintain the optimum level of Vitamins for the body function. Vitamin C helps fight off diseases and infections. Citrus fruits like grapes, Tamarind, lemon are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin E is also efficient in the fight off infection & diseases. Hence, it is powerful antioxidant for body cleansing. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and Seeds of Sunflower and pumpkin loaded with Vitamin E. Vitamin B6 helps in boosting the Immune system and increasing metabolic activities for the proper functioning of the body. Tuna and Salmon fishes, Chicken, Oatmeal, brown rice, soya beans & eggs are rich in Vitamin E.

Choose natural food options over supplements to fulfill the diet needs of the body. Take pill if necessary . Always take the Doctor’s advice and prescription before consuming the market based supplements. Overdose of consuming the supplements gives the negative result and harmful effects on the body.

Choose Herbs to boost the immunity

Herbs have medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbs are use to strengthen the body’s natural immunity. India and Southeast Asian countries known for the wide varieties of herbs and spices growing on land for a long time. According to the report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicines for primary health care and treatment of sick, across Europe and South Asia and Southeast Asia. The uses of herbs and spices are mention in the ancient Ayurveda texts and world recognized. Here is a list of few of them

1. Garlic

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Rich in anti-oxidant property, enhances Vitamin B1 absorption in the body and managing blood pressure.

2. Turmeric

Loaded with immense immune-boosting components, Curcumin the main compound activates white blood cells (WBCs) to enhance antibody production. A decoction or kadha is made by ginger, turmeric, basil leaves(tulsi) recommended by AYUSH ministry. Jaggery can added to increase the taste.

3. Ginger

Traditional medicine has anti-fungal and anti-cancerous properties. It can be consume as a tea and helps in preserving cough and cold, nausea, morning sickness, arthritis, gastrointestinal complaints, and depression.

4. Basil leaves (Tulsi )

basil tulsi
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Additionally, it has a compound Eugenol that is a full pack of anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. The leaves are rich in phytonutrient compounds and anti-oxidant properties. It helps in managing blood plasma and stress levels.


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