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How to Cure Constipation? Myths and Facts about it



When it comes to stomach health issues, bowels play a major role in that. Bowel movements are part of daily life, and we see quickly when our daily routine changes. Constipation definition is a stomach problem about every people has some experience with. In most situations, it’s an irregular difficulty that gets solved immediately.

How to Cure Constipation? Myths and Facts about it
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For others, especially the elderly, constipation can be a chronic health condition, significantly changing the quality of life. Depending on the problem and the sample studied, prevalence appears to differ widely. It’s guessed that there are 2.5 million people who visit to doctor per year in the USA. Also, the costs of management are calculated at about $7.5 billion yearly. Constipation is not a small issue.

One of the greatest difficulties in understanding both specific patient situations, as well as the literature overall, is learning what’s described as “constipation”. One person’s daily lifestyle routine may be another person’s constipation health problem. From my discussion with patients, individual definitions seem to vary. Some people get panic after a single missed bowel movement, while other people may be neutral with daily (or even less common) movements.

What’s the optimal frequency of bowel movements?


What’s the optimal frequency of bowel movements?
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It depends. Children maybe 3 times a day. More adult children maybe one time a day. Adults(Men and Women) may be regular or less often. The report defines constipation as a pause or problem in bowel movements ( normally less than 3 per week) continuing two weeks.

Symptoms can involve uncommon, unpleasant bowel movements, hurting, and irregular or hard stools. When these difficulties continue for more than three months, it’s termed chronic constipation. When constipation is followed by other signs like bloating, diarrhea, and stomach pain, it may be called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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What constipation can cause?

Causes of Constipation
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There are various reasons for constipation. It may be a result of other diseases like thyroid, diabetes, and cancer. Neurological diseases include multiple sclerosis. Medications, both constipation medicine and over-the-counter, can also start constipation. Primary or idiopathic constipation is an analysis of exclusion after various problems have been ruled out. If there are no symptoms of a more severe underlying health condition, constipation medication can be considered.

Many people have different opinions about their colon and their bowel movements: what’s common, and what’s not. And there are evenly strong beliefs about the constipation causes and solutions.

Normal bowel movement differs from person to person. Although having a bowel movement once a day is normal, it’s totally fine to go a few days without one. Though not normally serious, constipation can be both uncomfortable and frustrating. It is one of the problems people like to talk about. Although more obvious in older people and constipation in pregnancy, almost every person on earth gets constipated at some time throughout their life.

Here are a few popular myths and facts about constipation that might help you to get the health condition better:

1. Having a Bowel Movement Every Day

Having a Bowel Movement Every Day
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Myth: Every person in this world is different. Some people go 3 times a day; while others, 3 times a week. It’s normal to have a bowel movement once a day. But it’s OK to go some days without one as long as you appear fine. If you have less than 3 per week, you’re constipated. It’s critical if you have less than one a week.

2. Constipation Creates Toxins

Constipation Creates Toxins
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Myth: Some people think that constipation makes the body absorb poisonous things in stools, driving to diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and colon cancer. There’s no proof that the stools create toxins or that colon cleansing, or laxatives, can stop cancer or different diseases. And constipation itself isn’t a disease.

3. Add More Fiber

Add More Fiber
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Myth: It’s right that most people fall short, so it’s a great idea to eat more green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and different plant foods. Also, drink more water and add fiber regularly, so your body becomes used to it. If you still feel constipated after that, there could be different reasons, like medical health problems or a constipation effects from any medicines.

4. Swallowing Large Amount of Gum Can Get Stuck

Swallowing Large Amount of Gum Can Get Stuck
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Fact: It’s right, but only in exceptional cases, and frequently in little kids who don’t know better. Sometimes swallowing large amounts of gum or several pieces in a short time can create a mass that obstructs the digestive region, particularly if you swallow it with other unhealthy things like seeds. The blockage can cause constipation. But for large people, gum gets easily pass throughout, your body just like other constipation foods do. It’s because gums are generally made of sugar material. Your body absorbs that sugar and left residue gets dissolved in your stomach.

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5. Excessive Vacation Could Be an Issue

Excessive Vacation Could Be an Issue
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Fact: Travelling daily changes your routine and diet. While you’re on vacation, drink lots of water, and stay active, too. Walk while you wait for your flight, and extend your legs on a road trip. Restrict alcohol, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

6. Your Mood Matters The Most

Your Mood Matters The Most
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Fact: Depression may start constipation or make it more serious. Reducing stress by doing meditation, yoga, and rest techniques can help you to control your mood. Acupressure or shiatsu massage is the best way to relax your mood and can help you to get relief from constipation. Massaging your belly loosens the muscles that strengthen the intestines, which could support you to become more regular.

7. Holding Constipation Won’t Hurt


Holding Constipation Won't Hurt
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Myth: Do you get too busy at work? Neglecting the urge may make you painful, and it can make or worsen constipation. Some people set time after breakfast or another meal for a bowel movement. When these signs are strongest, then it necessary to take out time from your daily routine for your bowl movement.

8. Your Medicine Could Be a Cause

Your Medicine Could Be a Cause
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Fact: Some medicines for pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and Parkinson’s syndrome are connected to constipation. Inform your physician what’s going on inside your body and stomach. You can eat something like Calcium and Iron supplements from the doctor’s advice. But, be aware that always consult your doctor first before taking any kind of constipation medicine because taking something else that affects your stool, can also make problems.

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9. Using naturally-derived and synthetic products

Using naturally-derived and synthetic products
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Before getting treated for constipation, first know that what are the constipation symptoms, different medicines, and other diseases is necessary. Despite the shortage of good proof, dietary and lifestyle changes normally lead to drug treatment.

Constipation drugs are available in a mix of naturally-derived and synthetic products. Some of the most famous laxatives are naturally-derived. Senokot tablets are a product of the senna plant. The normally occurring glucosides it includes are colonic irritants, stimulating colon contraction. Most of the different fiber supplements naturally-derived too.

The other regularly practice products synthetically derived. Milk of magnesia, despite its natural-sounding name, is a suspension of magnesium hydroxide. When used, the most maximum of the magnesium isn’t absorbed. It draws fluid with it (via osmotic stress) when it shunted to the colon. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) operates this way, as does lactulose, a non-digestible sugar. Bisacodyl (Dulcolax) a different approved product.

Despite the number of products, the proof base for drug treatments is weak. Few head-to-head proofs have pitted treatment against another. The best data which is still weak is for the osmotic agents like PEG. Some proof exists for psyllium, but it’s underwhelming. There’s proof for lactulose as a constipation treatment, as well. A great precise review from the Oregon Evidence-Established Practice Center reviews the proof base more comprehensively.

10. All Fiber are Same

All Fiber are Same
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Myth: There are two kinds of fiber present. Insoluble fiber includes volume to the stool and promotes it to pass into your intestines faster. Good sources of insoluble fibers are whole-grain bread, pasta, and cereal. Soluble fiber gets easily dissolved in water. Good sources of soluble fibers include beans, peas, and some different plant foods.

11. Dried Plums Are Powerful

Dried Plums Are Powerful
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Fact: A small, dried fruit gained a great reputation as a constipation home remedies as a natural cure for constipation. Dried Plums also called Prunes, are rich in insoluble fiber, as well as the essential laxative sorbitol. Children who don’t like to eat them might constipation curing drink prune juices or prune juice mixed with different juice to hide the taste.

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12. Drinking More Water Cures Constipation

Drinking More Water Cures Constipation
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Fact: Drinking enough water makes your stools soft and relieves constipation. You can get it from constipation liquids or water-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Restrict or avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol.

13. Workout Help You to Get Relief From Constipation

Workout Help You to Get Relief From Constipation
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Fact: Too much sitting in one place makes constipation more possible. After you eat a heavy meal, wait for a minimum of one-half hour before you start doing any kind of constipation exercise. It’s because your body needs time to digest your food. Then you can start your workout, take a 10 to 15-minute walk many times a day. Tougher workouts are also fine to do overall your body will get the benefit.

14. Coffee Is a Good Way to Fix Constipation

Coffee Is a Good Way to Fix Constipation
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Myth: It’s right that drinking caffeine can stimulate the muscles in your digestive system to contract, making a bowel movement. But drinking excessive caffeine can make you dehydrate. So, it’s not advisable to drink coffee if you’re in constipation, avoid it, or choose decaf.

15. Colon Cleansing Helps to Cure Constipation

Colon Cleansing Helps to Cure Constipation
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Myth: Enemas and colon irrigation (high colonics) eliminate body waste. But they’re not a useful way to stop or cure constipation. Enemas can cause constipation for more aged people who get them frequently. Colonic irrigation, which normally done by colonic hygienists or therapists, can harm the colon and start to different problems. Speak to your doctor before trying something new.

16. Castor Oil Helps to Cure Constipation

Castor Oil Helps to Cure Constipation
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Myth: This strong laxative is a constipation natural remedies to cure constipation. But consult your doctor first to try this remedy. Like different constipation laxatives, you shouldn’t apply it for long, or it can make it tougher for your body to digest nutrients and some medicines. If you exceed it, that can destroy your bowel muscles, nerves, and tissue — which can create constipation. 

17. Constipation Naturally Occurs WIth Age

Constipation Naturally Occurs WIth Age
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Myth: More aged people are having higher chances to become constipated. But it’s not a natural part of aging, and it can also occur when you’re younger. It’s very normal and normally doesn’t last long, and most problems aren’t serious. But inform your doctor if it doesn’t loosen up when you consume more fiber, take more water, and do more workout.

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18. It’s Natural to Have Bloody Stool

It's Natural to Have Bloody Stool
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Myth: Blood in a bowel movement is not always dangerous. But you should visit your doctor immediately if it occurs. Bright red blood normally from hemorrhoids or tears in the anal wall known as fissures. Constipation and straining throughout bowel movements can make it. Maroon or tarry black blood or clots usually indicates constipation bleeding is coming from a higher part of your digestive system. Get constipation quick remedy and medical support if this occurs.

19. Yogurt will Cure Constipation

Yogurt will Cure Constipation
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Yogurt may get higher praise than it earns for its strength to clear the colon. While probiotics in yogurt can support to promote healthy bacteria in the stomach. You need to get at least 2 servings of yogurt a day, it will help to cure constipation. Some health experts advise patients to take a daily​ probiotic dietary supplement rather than doubling up on yogurt.

20. Probiotics can be useful to cure constipation

Probiotics can be useful to cure constipation
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Probiotics are live microorganisms that serve with the purpose of a therapeutic outcome. If you love constipation relieve yogurt that does twice work, there may be dubious health claims about intestinal “wellness” on the packet. The thought of probiotics for constipation is at least likely, as probiotics can interrupt the colon’s bacteria ecosystem to a very limited amount. For constipation, their effectiveness hasn’t confirmed though. A precise review printed in 2010 analyzed the data promoting their use in adults and children. Five high-quality trials were classified and the outcomes were unimpressive.


Constipation is a normal condition, yet there is some high-quality proof to manage our actions. Myths about constipation more complicated constipation best treatment procedures. In the lack of high-quality proof, it would seem most traditional to thoroughly judge each situation for likely causal factors, and start the constipation treatment at home supported by the best proof only after core dietary and lifestyle factors have been performed.

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