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How to overcome or get rid of procrastination



Get rid of Procrastination. Procrastination is a word which is quite heavy and its aftermath sometimes is unbearable in life. But if we break this sumptuous word in two parts here’s it “Pro” means next to or forth and “crastinus” means tomorrow. procrastinat is a Latin word originated in the late 16th century which means “deferred till morning“.The verb procrastinate means to delay or postpone the action; put off doing something.

One day my parents decided to meet my grandparents as they were missing them and also not visited them for a long time. So they told me to get ready and start the car. But I just made an excuse for being tired of my work and promised them to go tomorrow but then what was I doing, watching the Online shows.

The next day around 10 am they were being ready for the journey and again I made another excuse for submitting the project to my boss. Yeah, I wanted to submit the project by the next day but one notification on my mobile just distracted me. My friends booked the movie tickets wanted me to reach there by 3:00 pm. So I got to see the movie with my friends. Returning my house around 8:00 pm, extremely tired and in the hangover.

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I just lied down on my bed and slept for the next 12 hours. Yeah, the morning comes to submit my project and do a presentation at 10 am. I was in hangover and very effortlessly tried to open my eyes and watching the clock made me anxious and panic. Don’t know what to do? I was absent-minded and blank and made an excuse to my boss about my bad health. Yeah, he scolded me, and my performance in the office got declined.


Yet another news waiting to make me blackout completely. The demise of my grandpa has informed us of the phone call. He crashed due to a heart attack. My father was broken and continuous wailing after listening to this sad news. For a moment I thought my world turned upside down completely without giving me any signs. Or I was blind in myself and so-called my world of imagination and wonderfulness that I don’t take the responsibility properly. I was left with nothing but just to regret my actions doing from past infinite days. At this point, a thought strikes in my mind. The famous lines of Mahatma Gandhi:-

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

This thought sparks up my inner subconscious mind. Yeah, this is the time to remake me. But let us find the reason that makes one become a procrastinator.

how to get rid of procrastination/ how to get overcome procrastination
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Procrastination has destroyed the lives of the people. At least 60% percent of college students do not complete assignments and projects on time and approximately 50 percent of people tend to forget paying electricity bills on time, the filing income tax return, the LIC premiums, and other interests.

Procrastination causes delay:

Delay in our planned schedule that causes more trouble and we enter the phase of the vicious cycle. Procrastination has now become a part of life like the habit, Exactly it is a bad habit and us people have given birth to this. It makes one selfish at it own higher cost and in the end, it makes us pay a huge penalty in terms of lacking self-esteem, living in fear, lacks in doing efforts, afraid to start something new, fear of losing respect and trust of people, hampering the relationship with our loved ones and at the end, we regret upon our decisions that not doing the right thing at the right time. These reasons are continuously protruding from the subconscious mind and results in the death of ideas and thoughts in an individual

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How to overcome or get rid of procrastination:

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Overcoming bad habits requires time, effort, and positive energy. If all three elements combined one will surely defeat it. Here are few useful points and which when applied will shoot the enemy procrastination.


It is necessary to do planning before doing something new. A well-written plan does not allow one deviating from the path that needs to be finished on that day itself. This can be done before a night or after waking up just make a “to do a list ” and half of the work is easily completed there itself.



One needs to have a clear vision of goals and targets in his life. A confused mind can never achieve a goal. First is to find the goal of your life and know three reasons why you want to achieve that goal. Because these three reasons are going to decide the seriousness towards and achieving it. Now plan accordingly. This is will bring clarity and vision in your thoughts.


Whenever you are surround by a bunch of works and confuse from where to start? Choose the easy one to complete it first and gradually move to the toughest one. If you have chosen the hard task first and unable to complete it then it will lead to procrastinating the latter scheduled works. So use the former step and this will help you in managing and organizing things properly.


Rewarding yourself is nowadays in trend to deal in tough situations. Rewards create interest and greed (in positive meaning) to complete things on time. Just bribe yourself or treat yourself with your favorite sweets or cakes after completing the task. Or you can also have 10 minutes break to close your eyes and meditate for a while.


A Japanese word “Ikigai” strikes my mind meaning “a reason to jump out of the bed in the morning”. Yes, Being discipline in life brings success sooner. So every day you need to find a reason to jump out of the bed and complete the tasks on time without regretting at the end of the day. Wake up and go to sleep early, practice meditation, do certain kriyas, read life-changing books or biographies of Buddha, Mahavira, and other people.


Always ready to accept the challenges without initial predicting the result of winning or losing it. This is the first step to knock out fear. You have already won one-third of the battle by accepting the challenge. This will boost your morale and gives you the confidence to trust yourself and believe that it can done no matter how but will be done by me. Ignoring problems will not vanish it, finding a solution is much important. These steps take one on the ladder of success


Yes, This attitude should built gradually. It is like complete the task on time or be ashamed of yourself. This is not for demoralizing people but to make them stronger and tougher than in difficult times also you cannot give up and fight with your brain itself till the work is finished. Remember, “tomorrow never comes“.

In conclusion, I can say This bad habit must be change not immediately but gradually. This will take time but remember Nothing is Impossible in life. If someone fastens up his seat belts and promised to his heart that he will never return in that phase again, he will not return because now he has a strong will to complete it on time and taste the flavor of success on defeating the Procrastination enemy. In this ways you can get rid of procrastination.

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