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How to use Multi Select Option in React

React: Multi Select Option in React Functional and Class based Component

React Functional Component

React functional component is easy to use for using multi-select in functional Components is easy to do. All you have to do is use the map function in option.value field. It’s because it adds the selected values in the array easily.

How to use Multi Select Option in React

for creating multi-select in react functional component. Create a select option with the help of bootstrap then use onchange method to select the option. After that declare this function method and setState of the current target selected option using You also have to map each value using the map function.

Here is the code for your reference:

import React, { useState } from "react"

function MulitSelectCategry() {

const [selectedCategories, setSelectedCategories] = useState([])

function addCategoryChange(e) {

const selectedOptions = [].map(o => parseInt(o.value))




return (

<div className="container mt-5">

<h2 className="mb-3">Multi Select Category</h2>


<div className="form-group">

<label id="SelectCategory">Select Categories</label>




onChange={e => addCategoryChange(e)}


<option value="1">Jeans</option>

<option value="2">Shirts</option>

<option value="3">T-Shirts</option>

<option value="4">Men</option>

<option value="5">Women</option>







export default MulitSelectCategry

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