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Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple Everyday



Pineapple is basically the fruit of Brazil, the famous boatman who brought Europe with him. The Portuguese brought this fruit to India. You can see a lot of pineapple in India between July to November.

Nutritional Value of Pineapple as Per 100 gram:

Water86 g
Energy50 Kcal
Protein0.54 g
Total fat0.12 g
Carbohydrates13.12 g
Fiber1.4 g
Sugar9.85 g
Calcium13 mg
Iron0.29 mg
Magnesium12 mg
Phosphorus8 mg
Potassium109 mg
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.12 mg
Copper0.11 mg
Vitamin C0.079 kg
Vitamin B60.112 mg
Vitamin A58 IU
Vitamin K0.7 microgram
Fatty acid (mono saturated)0.009 g
Fatty acid ( poly saturated)0.04 g

Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple Everyday

Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple Everyday
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1. Indigestion:

  • Fine pieces of ripe pineapple should be eaten by adding rock salt and pepper to avoid constipation.
  • 100 ml of ripe pineapple juice can relief with constipation by mixing 1-2 piece grapes and the fourth part of about 1 gm of rock salt.
  • If the stomach grows tense after a meal, then it becomes beneficial from taking 20-50 ml of pineapple juice.
  • Remove pieces of pineapple filled with ghee and honey. Daily consumption of 6 or 12 grams of pineapple reduces polyuric disease and increases strength.

2. When hair gone in the stomach:

Eating a ripe pineapple will remove the pain that is caused by the gone of hair in your stomach. The torn pieces of ripe pineapple are coated with pepper and rock salt to melt the food into the stomach.

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3.  Polyurinary (frequent urination) disease:

The ripe pineapple should be cut and eaten with pepper powder and sugar. Eating pineapple chunks and pepper powder all over the area will help to alleviate any type of urine. The ripe pineapple peels and extracts the juice from the remainder, then the cumin seeds, nutmeg, pepper, black salt, and a little amber add to the drink. Eating pineapple slices with powdered pepper helps greatly in the disease of multiurine.

4. Pineapple murabba:

  • Peel the pineapple. Remove the hard surface and center of the ripe pineapple, then slice the fruit in small chunks and place them in lime water a day.
  • The next day, dry them out of the lime-water. Add sugar to the pineapple chunks.
  • Then, take it down and when cool enough, grind a little cardamom and add a little rose water and set it aside to protect it. This pineapple relieves bile and delights the mind.

5. Soothe the warmth of the body:

Slice a ripe pineapple into chunks and then unscramble the juice, then double the sugar. Add pineapple juice to this syrup to make sorbet. It destroys heat, reinforces the heart, and pleases the mind.

6. Throat or gorge throat:

The pineapple juice cuts off the membrane in Rohini, keeping the throat clear. This is a major natural medicine. Fresh pineapple contains a predominant portion of pepsin bile, which has the benefit of sore throat.

7. Swelling:

  •  Lower urine with swelling of the body, albumin goes with the urine, mandagni, around the eyes and on the face, especially if there is swelling, eat the pineapple daily and stick only on milk. There will be gains in three weeks.
  •   Drinking pineapple juice (juice) daily to the extent of 100 ml eliminates inflammation caused by liver growth.
  • Eating a cooked pineapple daily and using only milk in the food eliminates inflammation due to decreased urine levels, increased liver, food indigestion, etc. Doing this for about 21 days will completely kill the swelling.
  •   Apply castor oil to the pineapple leaves and heat something to the swelling. This causes swelling, especially of the legs, to stop immediately.
  •  Drinking pineapple juice kills physical swelling within 7 days.


8. Energizer:

The pineapple removes nervousness, it also reduces thirst, nourishes, and purifies the body. No occurrence of cough or cold. Gives strength to heart and mind. Drinking pineapple juice will help to improve the unhealthy parts of the body. Drinking pineapple syrup in summer helps to keep water, fresh, cool, quench thirst, cool the stomach, clear the heat, clear the urine, and so on.

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9.  Anemia:

 If you have a loss of blood in the body, eating and drinking pineapple can go a long way. The pineapple increases blood and increases appetite when the digestion is intense.

 10.  Cough and breathing disease:

  •  Use honey by making small bitter fruit juices in pineapple fruit juice, amla and cumin powder.
  • 10 grams of ripe pineapple juice mixed with 2 grams of peepal root, dry ginger, and gooseberry powder and roasted icing and honey are beneficial for cough and breathing problems.
  • Mixing licorice, deafening and sugar candy in pineapple juice is beneficial.

11. Diabetes:

Pineapple is very beneficial in diabetes. Mix 10 grams powder of sesame, myrobalan, behera, amla, bunions and berries seeds in 100 ml juice of pineapple. Make powder after drying. Taking three grams of this powder in the morning and evening cures diabetes and diabetes. Milk and rice should be taken in the meal and red pepper, sourness and salt should be avoided.

12. In stomach disease:

  •  In 10 ml juice of ripe pineapple, roasted asafetida, the fourth part of about 1 gram, rock salt and ginger juice mixed with the fourth part of the morning and evening, taking it twice a day is beneficial in stomach colic and gum disease.
  •  250 milligrams of powder of Yavakshar, Peepal, and Turmeric in pineapple juice is consumed and spleen, stomach diseases, and airygola are destroyed in 7 days.
  • Taking half a quantity of jaggery with the juice of pineapple juice and taking it in the stomach and colon (the part below the navel) is used to destroy gout. If the hair has gone into the stomach, eating pineapple causes it to melt.

13. In case of menstrual blockage:

  • Mixing 10 ml juice of raw pineapple fruit, powder of peepal bark and 1-1 gram of jaggery removes the menstrual blockage.
  • Drinking about 40-60 ml decoction of pineapple leaves also ends menstrual blockage.

14. For bile:

  •  Cut the ripe fruits into lime water one day, dry them and put them in sugar syrup and make jam. It suppresses bile and pleases the mind.
  • Taking 10 ml juice of pineapple or juice and 20 grams of sugar syrup makes the bile calm and heart strong.


15. Cancer disease:

Drinking 1 glass of pineapple juice every morning and evening makes every unhealthy fiber inside the body healthy and the body gets rid of diseases in every way.

16. Indigestion:

  • Grind rock salt and black pepper in small pieces of pineapple and put it in the form of powder, eating it provides relief in indigestion, indigestion and retardation.
  • It is beneficial to cut fresh fruit of pineapple with rock salt and black pepper.

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17. For stomach worms:

  • Taking 2 grams of bishops weed powder, 2 grams powder of Baywind in 20 ml juice of pineapple and eliminates stomach worms.
  •  Drinking 1 glass of juice of pineapple fruit daily is beneficial.
  • Eating pineapple on an empty stomach also kills stomach worms.
  • Drinking juice of pineapple fruit in the form of a dose for 7 days in the morning kills all stomach worms. Keep in mind that pregnant women should not be allowed to drink its juice.

18. Abdominal pain:

Mixing 10 ml juice of pineapple with one-fourth part of ginger juice, roasted asafetida and the fourth part of about one gram and rock salt mixed with one-fourth part provides relief in stomachache.

19. Heart diseases:

  • Many such juices are found in pineapple which acts as digestive juices (enzymes). Its regular intake helps in getting rid of common heart-related diseases. Its acidic property removes the unnecessary substances produced in the body and increases physical strength.
  • Drinking one cup of pineapple juice daily relieves heart disease.

20. For sore throat:

  •  Drinking pineapple juice cuts the membrane of a sore throat (diphtheria) and clears the throat. It is the main medicine for this disease.
  • Fresh pineapple contains ‘pepsin’ (the main part of bile). It gives a lot of relief in sore throat.

21. In throat diseases:

  • By drinking pineapple juice, inflammation of the throat and palate inflammation (burning of the palate) is eliminated.
  • In different diseases of the throat, drinking pineapple juice is very beneficial.

22. Benefits of Pineapple for Bones:

Pineapple can be included in food to keep bones strong for a long time. It contains manganese, which is considered an essential consideration to keep bones strong.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Other Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple
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Increase of tonsils: Pineapple juice should be heated and drunk when the tonsils grow.

Tundica inflammation (tonsils): Drinking the juice of Pineapple ends the pain or swelling of the tonsils.

In the case of prickly heat: Applying pineapple pulp on prickly heat is beneficial.

Urine burning sensation: Drinking pineapple juice and syrup ends the pathology of burning sensation in urine.

Allergies: Applying pineapple juice to the allergic place and drinking is beneficial.

Toothache: Soak the juice of ripe pineapple and its juice on cotton gums and apply it on the gums, it ends toothache.

Constipation: Taking 40 to 80 ml of juice of raw pineapple fruit removes stool easily.

Abortion: Drinking plenty of raw pineapple juice, again and again, causes miscarriage.

Fever: By giving juice of pineapple fruit or by mixing honey in 20 ml juice, sweating, urine comes open and the velocity of fever decreases.

Kidney stones: Eating pineapple and drinking juices goes a long way.

Extract acidity from the intestines: Adding ginger juice and honey to pineapple juice will remove acidity from the intestines.


Memory: Eating pineapple juice will help you develop memory.

Pimples: The pulp of the pineapple is helpful when applied to the pores.

Fat: Eat pineapple every day, it destroys obesity, as pineapple destroys fat.

Acidity deformity: Peeling the pineapple and piecing with tiny bits, pickling, and pickling pepper powder on the fruit destroys the formation of acidity.

Worms in children stomach: Drink pineapple juice in the morning and evening for a few days. With this, the pests are rapidly destroyed.

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Side effects of Pineapple:

Side effects of Pineapple
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  • The middle part of the pineapple is harmful. Therefore, it should be removed while eating. If you have ingested it by mistake, onion, curd, and sugar should be eaten immediately.
  • Do not eat pineapple on an empty stomach. By eating on an empty stomach it causes harm like poison.
  • Pineapple fruit during pregnancy- Pregnant women should not use pineapple. It is proved to be abortive by taking it in excess.

Eliminating harmful effects: Lemon juice, sugar, ginger juice soothe pineapple side effects.

Conclusion of Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

The benefits of eating Pineapple are all because they are rich in fiber, vitamins, and Water. Pineapple has long been popular because it offers stomach, memory, heart, and various other health benefits of eating pineapple. A Pineapple is a good option for healthy and rich fruits to your diet. Make sure do not eat pineapple empty stomach and in pregnancy and do not eat onion, curd and sugar immediately.

We hope this article helped you to know about the Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple every day. You may also want to see our guide on What Too Much Sodium Do To Your Body, Salt Side Effects, and How To Maintain Hygiene In Intimate Area.

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