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Nutrition Value and Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea



There are numerous Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea and Nutrition Value. Green tea is made from camellia cyanosis plant. The greatest effects on human health have been seen as green tea. If you talk about green tea and black tea, even if they meet the same plant, the method is different. Steam is given immediately after cutting off fresh leaves to produce green tea, making green tea more efficiently.

This process protects the natural polyphenols that promote health. It contains more catechins than black and Oolong tee, a type of antioxidant.

Nutritional value of green tea:

Water99.93 g
Protein0.22 g
Energy1 Kcl
Iron0.02 mg
Magnesium1 mg
Potassium6 mg
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.01 mg
Copper0.004 mg
Magnese0.184 mg
Vitamin B60.005 mg
Caffeine12 mg

Types of green tea:


There is plenty of green tea available in the market, but it is not possible to describe it to everyone. So, below we are learning about some types of green tea are:

  1. Jasmine green tea
  2. Morocco green tea
  3. Green matcha tea
  4. Dragon well green tea
  5. Hogicha green tea
  6. Kukicha green tea
  7. Sencha green tea
  8. Gyokuro green tea
  9. Matcha green tea

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Benefits of drinking green tea:

Nutrition Value and Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
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1. Lose Weight

Green tea is helpful for losing weight. The antioxidants in it can help to lose weight by increasing metabolism. According to research published on the NCBI website, moderate-intensity exercise along with drinking green tea can work to promote fat burning, which can help control obesity. Also, another study of a mixture of catechins and caffeine present in green tea may have a somewhat positive effect on weight loss and balance weight.

2. For Brain

A study on this subject has shown that green tea can improve brain function as well as reduce anxiety. Also, it can have positive effects in increasing concentration. All these benefits are because of the combined effect on caffeine and L-theanine that is present in your green tea.

3. For Oral Health

Drinking green tea can also benefit from oral health. An oral infection can be prevented by its use. According to an Indian study green tea catechin,  P-gingivalis, and other such bacteria, such as prevotella, may prevent intermedia and prevotella inhibitors from growing. All of these bacteria can affect the health of the mouth.

 In addition, another study found that controlling green tea bacterial plaque can help prevent tooth decay. Polyphenols anti-plaque agents present in green tea may help to prevent plaque buildup in the mouth. Rinsing your face with green tea can be beneficial, but it’s better to see a doctor.

4. Improves Heart Health

Drinking green tea reduces the amount of bad cholesterol your body produces many heart disease. In order to keep a healthy heart, it’s important to include healthy extractions like green tea. Green tea benefits are linked to antioxidants. An increased body dose of antioxidants keeps the blood normal, reducing the likelihood of developing heart attacks. When normal blood flow to each organ, all organs function properly.

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5. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Some studies suggest that the benefits of green tea help reduce free radicals. When the process of cell birth and death worsens in the body, the cancerous cell increases rapidly, causing the chance of cancer. This can cause a variety of cancers. If the amount of antioxidants is still good in the body, the chances of developing cancer cells are reduced to a number of degrees.

6. Regulates Blood Pressure

Blood pressure problems are caused by an enzyme produced by the kidneys, called angiotensin, a changed enzyme. In blood pressure control, many diseases can be prevented, especially those associated with the heart.

7. Helps to Fight Depression

People who drink at least 4 cups of green tea may have a lower chance of depression. Green tea contains amino acids L-theanine, which helps to produce joyous hormone serotonin and dopamine. A healthy hormone can cause depression.

8. Helps to reduce Hangover

The benefits of green tea are used to lift a hangover after the party is over or you can also drink green tea. Antioxidants in green tea help to prevent liver damage and keep the liver clean.

9. Improves Endurance and Energy

Have told you earlier that the benefits of green tea come from the catchine, which helps in boosting energy. Green tea contains caffeine and has catechins, a type of flavonoid, a kind of antioxidant. When both catechine and caffeine help the body produce energy and energy, the body is active.

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Green tea benefits for skin:

Green tea benefits for skin
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1. Treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

To Treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes, You need two green tea bags. Refrigerate two green tea bags and place green tea bags on your eyes for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face.


2. For Anti-aging

For treating Anti-aging, you need green tea and honey for this. Soak green tea in water and mix with honey to form a paste. Apply the paste till it becomes dry to your face 1 times a week.

3. Helps to treat Acne

To treat Acne from your face, make green tea first. Pour the tea into the spray bottle after the green tea has cooled. Splash green tea over your face with a spray. Rinse your face with cool water after a while, since you’ll feel full of moisture. Spread this spray every day.

4. Helps to cure Sunburn

To treat sunburn, all you need to do is allow the water to go normal and then add green tea. Strain out the green tea and apply it to a cloth and then apply it to your sunburned skin. Antioxidants protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

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5. Benefits of green tea for Hair:

To take care of your healthy hair, Pour three to four green tea bags in half a quarter of water. Remove the green tea bags after five to ten minutes. Rinse your hair with green tea after shampoo and conditioner. This process may be repeated two to three times a week.

Disadvantages of drinking green tea:

Disadvantages of drinking green tea
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  1. Green tea contains tannic acid, which can stain your teeth
  2. Drinking green tea can cause stomach pain, nausea, and liver problems.
  3.  Caffeine is available in green tea, so too much of it can cause insomnia, severe headache, and anxiety.
  4.  Always sick medical advice before taking green tea during pregnancy.
  5. It contains caffeine and more than 300 mg of caffeine during pregnancy can increase the duration of pregnancy.

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How to make green tea?

How to make green tea
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The methods of making green tea are simple, as below, knowing how to make green tea easier:

1.  A green tea recipe

Ingredient required to make green tea recipe

  1. A teaspoonful of green tea
  2. Tea strainer
  3.  One cup of water

How to make green tea recipe

  1. Put the green tea leaves in the strainer and pour the hot water over the top.
  2. Then press down on the green tea leaves with a spoon.
  3. Make sure not to press too hard on the leaves, as the tea might be stiff.
  4. If you want to add a little honey then add it.

2. Teabag green tea recipe

Ingredients required to make Teabag green tea recipe

  1. A green tea bag
  2. A cup of warm water

How to make Teabag green tea recipe

  1. Soak a green tea bag in a cup of warm water for one to two minutes. Remove the teabag when the time is up.
  2. Add honey to taste, then mix and drink

3. Powder green tea recipe

Ingredients need to make Powder green tea recipe

  1. Half or one teaspoon of green tea powder
  2. One cup of water.

How to make Powder green tea recipe


  1. Boil the water for a few seconds.
  2. Add ½ a teaspoon of green tea powder.
  3. Leave it to dissolve in the water for three to five minutes.
  4. Strain through the tea strainer once the time is up. Add honey to taste.

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The right time to drink green tea:

The right time to drink green tea
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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea can be good after breakfast or lunch. Avoid drinking empty stomach green tea, as this can cause stomach problems. Drinking green tea at night may not be the right time, as it contains caffeine, which can promote insomnia. Moreover, not everyone’s body is the same, you may have different intake time and amount. Therefore, it’s best to consult a doctor or a specialist.


You can include it in your diet anytime. However, being overused is a loss of green tea, so try to limit it by taking care of your health. In addition, the reader may notice that the benefits of drinking green tea may help to reduce to some extent the effects of the problems described above, but green tea is not a medical treatment for any disease.

We hope this article helped you to know about the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea and Nutrition Value. You may also want to see our guide on What Too Much Sodium Do To Your Body, Salt Side Effects, and How To Maintain Hygiene In Intimate Area.

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