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Side Effects of Marijuana on Men and Women Body



When it appears to prioritize health issues, few topics spark more discussion than Side Effects of Marijuana(Weed).

Side Effects of Marijuana on Men and Women Body
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It can be related to improving your health? Lower stress? Even how to workout for becoming fit? The science is still unclear—but few studies are starting to give us a view of what exactly marijuana or weed does to the human body. Smoking weed is more addicting than you imagine.

Some people may think that marijuana is not very much addictive or it’s good than different drugs that can cause addiction. But study proofs that the effects of marijuana on developing the brain are in such a way that it hits the brain in a certain way that may create it more challenging to stop using it. It alters your brain in a way that may change your overall performance.

One experimental study proposes that marijuana might support your bones grow or damage your short-term memory. All this study is still evolving, and it would be late before we know something about how weed affects the human body.


Effects of Marijuana on Family and Society

Smoking Weed is Risk to Society Too
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The Effects of Marijuana is not only dangerous to the weed smoker himself. He can also be a danger to society. The study simply confirms that marijuana has the potential to create difficulties in daily life. A study on college students discovered that those who smoked the drug, their critical skills linked to attention, memory, and knowledge were severely decreased. Research on courier workers discovered that workers who tested positive for smoking marijuana had 55 percent higher accidents, 85 percent higher injuries, and a 75 percent rise in being absent from work.

Several people will advise you that marijuana is not bad. Analyze who is advising you that. Are those the people who are working to sell you some weed? Marijuana can hurt a person’s memory—and this result can continue for days or weeks after the instant effects of the drug go off. Your capacities to remember and fit information will go as related to those who do not do smoking.

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What Are the Main Reasons You Started Smoking Weeds?

What Are the Main Reasons You Started Smoking Weeds?
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When youngsters were examined to discover out why they began using drugs, 55 percent answered that it was due to influence from their friends. They aspired you to be cool and stylish. Many weed selling dealers know about this and they try to take advantage of this.

Drug sellers get motivated by the earnings they make, will tell anything to get you to purchase their drugs. They don’t mind if the drugs destroy your life as long as they are receiving money. Once dealers have told they saw their customers as “tools in their profit game.”

Marijuana is produced from the shredded and dry parts of the cannabis plant. Including all parts of cannabis plants like flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems. It’s also identified as pot, weed, hash, and many different names. While several people smoke or vape it, you can also eat marijuana as a component in food, brewed tea, and oils. But, there are many side effects of marijuana tea.

Various ways of practicing the drug may harm your body adversely. When you breathe in weed smoke into your lungs, the drug is immediately discharged into your bloodstream and gets its route to your brain and different organs. It gets a little longer to observe the outcomes if you consume or drink marijuana.

There is continuous debate around the effects of marijuana on men and women bodies. People tell several physical and emotional effects, from harm and pain to sadness relief and rest.

What happens when marijuana enters your bloodstream

What happens when marijuana enters your bloodstream
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Marijuana is used in few states for medical purposes, and in some states, use of weed is legal too. No concern how you use marijuana, the drug can create quick and long-term consequences, such as changes in understanding, judgment and raised heart rate. Additionally, smoking marijuana may create chronic cough and different serious health problems.


The effects of marijuana on the body are usually quick. Longer-term effects of marijuana may depend on how you use it, how many you smoke weed, and how frequently you use it. The precise effects of marijuana are difficult to determine because marijuana has been banned in the U.S., making studies hard and costly to conduct.

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But in current years, the medicinal qualities of marijuana are getting public recognition. The National Institutes of Health-funded study into the potential medicinal uses of THC and CBD, which is still proceeding. With the potential for enhanced recreational use, knowing the effects that marijuana can do on your body is as vital as ever.

Read on to Know Side Effects of Marijuana on Men and Women Body

1. Respiratory Problem

Respiratory Problem

Very similar to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is built up of a mixture of toxic chemicals, including ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. This can burn your bronchial passages and lungs. If you’re a daily smoker, you’re more prone to wheeze, cough, and build phlegm. You’re also at a high risk of bronchitis and lung diseases. Marijuana may worsen breathing respiratory disorders, such as asthma and cystic fibrosis.

Marijuana smoke includes carcinogens, so it may raise your risk of lung cancer too. However, investigations on the topic have had combined results. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there is no definitive proof that marijuana smoke produces lung cancer. More study is required.

2. Smoking Weed Stops Creativity

Smoking Weed Stops Creativity
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Artists, musicians, and different artistic rarely praise marijuana as their source of inspiration. But, research from the Netherlands appears to prove otherwise. Volunteers who smoked marijuana with large THC content were not able to develop up with as many answers to a problem as those given a placebo.

3. Disrupts Circulatory System

Disrupts Circulatory System
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THC passes from your lungs into your bloodstream and completely your body. Within seconds, your heart rate may rise by 20 to 50 beats per minute. The effects of marijuana can last up to three hours. If you have heart illness, this could boost your risk of a heart attack. One of the important signs of current marijuana use is bloodshot eyes. The eyes appear red because marijuana makes blood vessels in the eyes to grow.

THC can also decrease stress in the eyes, which can reduce symptoms of glaucoma for some hours. More study is required to know the active elements in marijuana and whether it’s a helpful treatment for glaucoma.


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In the continued term, marijuana has a likely positive impact on your circulatory system. Research isn’t final yet, but marijuana may support to stop the swelling of blood vessels that encourage cancerous tumors. Possibilities exist in both cancer therapy and prevention, but more study is required.

 4. Marijuana can harm blood vessels

Marijuana can harm blood vessels
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Marijuana can have a significant impact on your blood vessels, according to a study from the American Heart Association. These effects are temporary for both cigarette and marijuana smoke, these short problems can transform into long-term difficulties if exposures happen regularly full and may boost the possibilities of developing hardened and clogged arteries.

5. Weed can triple your chances of death from hypertension

Weed can triple your chances of death from hypertension
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Men and Women who smoke weed are typically given the fashion of being relaxed and chill. But that cool facade may not show what’s going on when it occurs to blood pressure, says one research from Georgia State University. According to the study, marijuana use was observed to triple a person’s chance of death from high blood pressure(hypertension) related to those who didn’t smoke weed. Thus the effects of marijuana and high blood pressure go hand in hand.

6. Damages the Central Nervous System

Damages the Central Nervous System
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The consequences of marijuana spread everywhere in the central nervous system (CNS). Marijuana is considered to reduce pain and inflammation and support to control spasms and illnesses. However, there are some long-term adverse impacts on the CNS to study.

THC triggers your brain to deliver high amounts of dopamine, a normally occurring “feel good” chemical. It’s what provides you a pleasant high. It may increase your sensory observation and your understanding of time. In the hippocampus, THC alters the method you treat information, so your decision may be diminished. The hippocampus is liable for memory, so it may also be challenging to create new memories when you’re high.

Changes also happen in the cerebellum and basal ganglia, brain regions that play important roles in movement and stability. Marijuana may change your balance, coordination, and reflex response. All those modifications suggest that it’s not safe to drive.

Very high doses of marijuana or a large amount of THC can make hallucinations or misconceptions. According to NIDA, there may be a connection between marijuana usage and some mental health disturbances like depression and fear. More study is required to know the connection.

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When your hangover of weed gets down, you may appear tired or a bit depressed. In a few people, marijuana can create anxiety. About 30 percent of marijuana people receive marijuana to control disorder. Addiction is regarded as rare, but very true. Signs may include anger, insomnia, and a decrease in appetite.

Effects of marijuana on the teenage brain under 25 years, whose brains have not yet completely grown, marijuana can have a permanent influence on thought and memory processes. Using marijuana during pregnancy can also affect the newborn baby brain. Your child may have difficulty with memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities.

7. It could help fix broken bones

It could help fix broken bones
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It’s not all sad news for pot smokers. Weed may benefit bones rebuild stronger and quicker, according to research from Tel Aviv University. Cannabinoid, which is discovered in cannabis leaves and stems, supported mice heal from damaged bones more efficiently. Researchers think the item boosts minerals get into the bone tissue, creating bones stronger, and less prone to break in the future. 

8. Marijuana can Create Digestive Problems

Marijuana can Create Digestive Problems
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Smoking marijuana can make some stinging or burning in your mouth and throat while you’re breathing in. Marijuana can make digestive problems when eaten orally. For instance, oral THC can create nausea and vomiting because of the way it treated in your liver. It may also destroy your liver.

Conversely, marijuana has also practiced reducing signs of nausea or upset stomach. An improvement in your hunger is normal when using any kind of marijuana. This is an advantage for people using it for chemotherapy for cancer treatment. For others who are seeing to lose weight, this outcome could be viewed as a disadvantage.

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9. It can Damage Your Immune system

It can Damage Your Immune system
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THC may negatively harm your immune systemResearches including animals revealed that THC might harm the immune system, giving you more weak to illnesses. More studies required to completely understand the effects of marijuana.

10. Weed can Make You More Exposed to Alzheimer’s

Weed can Make You More Exposed to Alzheimer’s
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If you desire to maintain your mind sharp, you might need to stay away from the pot. In one 2016 research, they discovered that marijuana users had significantly less blood flow towards the brain than healthy non-smokers. That less blood flow to various parts of the brain, the hippocampus especially, could make pot smokers at greater risk for cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, according to the research.

Effects of Medical Marijuana on Society

Many countries have approved marijuana for medicinal use. However, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t legalized marijuana for any medical disease. But there are manufacture THC medicines that approved for some medical problems.

Dieseases allowed for treatment with medical marijuana vary by region, and may include:

  1. Cancer
  2. Glaucoma
  3. HIV and AIDS
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Pain and Ache
  6. Wasting diseases, like cachexia
  7. Nausea
  8. Seizures and Epilepsy
  9. Post-traumatic anxiety disorder
  10. Different sclerosis

11. Marijuana May Raise Testicular Cancer Risk

Marijuana May Raise Testicular Cancer Risk
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Smoking weed may boost your chances of getting testicular cancer, Studies at the University of Southern California discovered. In the research, men who had testicular bacteria cell tumors were extra prone to report than those who didn’t have the tumors. More studies required to do to discover if there was a causal relationship between cancer and marijuana use. 

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12. Smoking Weeds Impact Short-term Memory

Smoking Weeds Impact Short-term Memory
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In one research, Northwestern University scientists discovered that previous pot smokers had increased brain malformations in areas linked with short-term memory, and showed slightly more critical on memory-associated jobs. The brains of pot smokers seen abnormally shaped and viewed similarly to brains destroyed by schizophrenia.

13. Smoking Weed May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking Weed May Cause Erectile Dysfunction
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Marijuana usually linked with side effects that may influence sexual health, including erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is the failure to get and keep an erection. A normal condition, it may start to stress and relationship problems. If erectile dysfunction occurs now and then, there’s usually no need for attention. If it’s normal, it may be a sign of different health problems. In that case, solving the different health conditions may fix erectile dysfunction. Medical use of marijuana isn’t allowed for Erectile Dysfunction.

Marijuana Pros and Cons

Marijuana Pros and Cons
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  1. Marijuana may support to decrease damage caused by high cholesterol.
  2. Marijuana has a link with improved sexual desire and arousal.

High cholesterol is a danger for Erectile Dysfunction. Research printed in Clinical and Developmental Immunology discovered that marijuana may support to decrease tissue buildup and loss made by high cholesterol. However, the research carried on mice, not humans, so more study required.

Marijuana has the status of providing users a sensation of happiness. Some people tell that this promotes sexual activities, such as:


  1. Some researches advise that marijuana may lead to Erectile Dysfunction.
  2. Daily marijuana use might start to difficulty reaching orgasm in some men.

Marijuana may not forever give a sexual boost. A 2011 literature study printed in The Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that marijuana may truly raise the chance of ED.

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Researches confirm that when THC enters the brain, it gives users the sensation of being “high.” This conflicts with your body’s natural capacities. It may also affect the normal capacity of the penis’s soft muscle, resulting in Erectile Dysfunction.

Different research from 2010 discovered that regular marijuana use in men begins to difficulty reaching orgasm. According to the Mayo Clinic, marijuana is also a likely cause of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is an increase of the breasts in men, and it created by a hormone disproportion. A hormonal irregularity could influence sexual fulfillment.

Marijuana and different medicines

Marijuana and different medicines
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Marijuana may create dangerous combinations with some specific medicines including:

  • Blood thinners: Marijuana may conflict with blood thinners and raise bleeding risk. Use with care if you use blood thinners like aspirin.
  • Blood sugar medicines: It may change blood sugar levels. Use with care if you take medicines that change blood sugar, such as insulin.
  • Blood pressure medicines: It may decrease blood pressure. Be cautious if you take blood pressure medicines.
  • Medications that create drowsiness: It may boost drowsiness when used with medications that make drowsiness.
  • Taking sildenafil (Viagra): Taking Viagra with marijuana may not be a clever move. A 2006 article written in Clinical Cardiology revealed that marijuana stops Viagra from correctly metabolized. This raises Viagra’s effects, which might indicate a raised risk of heart difficulties.

Different medicine communications are also possible. If you use marijuana, inform your physician before using any medicine or drugs.

We hope this article helped you to know about the Side Effects of Marijuana on Men and Women Body. You may also want to see our guide on What Too Much Sodium Do To Your Body, Salt Side Effects, and How To Maintain Hygiene In Intimate Area.

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