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Simple exercises for women to get the body back in shape



Holidays give us an excuse to stop working out and spending more time with our loved ones. Yeah, loved ones include our family, friends nonetheless the most integral part of ours that is food. Food is given top priority during holidays and weekends. That’s okay, to provide it with the status of loved ones, but to counter its effect on the body, one should do exercise and physical activity more. At last, we complain ourselves how much fat deposited around our belly and arms. It’s just disgusting, and slowly it starts to ruin your body physique turning one into the fat deposition, and obese. So for the same here are the simple exercises for women.

Simple exercises for women to get body back in shape quickly
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Nowadays, exercise has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Every 3 out of 5 women is overweight and is out of shape. Being out of line makes them ashamed of body shaming and sometimes even take into depression. See, everyone has an ideal person and sees themselves as a mirror of their idol or trying hard to look like them. But we fail or somehow make it to an extent after a lot of hard work. Women like to eat more but want to remain in the perfect shape with a flat belly and beautiful breast. That happens but only in dreams.

A major reason behind not doing workouts

Exceptions are there like few numbers of women keep their workout routine and follow strictly while most of the women land up in crashing the diet and workout chart. Here’s the only a minute difference between the two of these types of women—the strong will and passionate about their dream. Ordinary women just follow for five days or a maximum of 10 days but afterwards leave it. Next category, women continue to work on themselves until they achieve the desired result. Another primary reason is procrastinating things and waiting for an auspicious day to start the journey of workout.


simple exercises for women to get body back in shape quickly
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Women need to need to understand the importance of doing 20 minutes of simple exercises for women or yoga and meditation of their choice. Doing any kind of physical activity helps in the continuous engagement of muscles and movements of joints. First of all, women need to give them quality time to spend on themselves, cherish those moments forever and ever. Post Pregnancy brings lots of hormonal changes and an additional weight gain. No worry. Here are a few simple exercises for women to do daily to feel young and joyful. These exercises will help you to start loving yourself again; further, it will strengthen your thoughts and body.

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Simple exercises for women to reducing the breast size and flat stomach

Let us start these simple exercises for women with a planned routine and try to follow it every day. If you are very lazy and never ready to do physical activity, you still want to be in shape. Just do workout for one body part a day. Sooner you will see great results on your body. First, let us begin with the upper body part.

Simple exercises for women to get body back in shape quickly
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1. To minimize the size of the Breast

It is one of the most prominent features of the human body. A heavy and enlarge breast may be the result of genetic, hormonal imbalance, obesity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Some times it causes discomfort like back pain, neck pain, or chest pain if lifted substantial something.

A lovely breast is in perfect shape, size, and tight. For this, women consult doctors and pay a massive sum of money for breast surgery. Some alternative methods include home remedies, general awareness, and simple exercise to save a large amount of money. Wearing a right and size fit bra is a must avoiding saggy baggy appearance and feel. Here are simple exercises for it.


It is the most painful and highly effective method in reducing the breast size. Yeah, ” no pain means no gain.” Swimming helps in burning the maximum amount of chest fat as well as keeps breast firming. It involves the movement and engagement of the full body and building strength. The problem arises for non – swimmers; how are they going to make it? Every issue has solutions, and the answer for this is virtual swimming on the mat. Swimming on the mat is effortless.

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Here are a few steps to do floor swimming

1. Place the carpet on the floor. 2. Lie down slowly chest facing the floor and back towards the ceiling. 3. Now start swimming on the mat by bringing hands close and far away simultaneously doing leg up and down alternatively. 4. Do this 100 times a day and gradually increase the repetition to 200, 300, and so on up to your stamina. The results will be visible in a week.

swimming on the mat
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Push-ups are great in toning the arms as well as reducing the bust size. It might be hard to perform, but results will impress you. It helps in increasing blood circulation and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Variations in push-ups helpful in conditioning the overall body. Here are three easy push- up variations for beginners. These are wall push-up, knee push-up, and floor push-up.

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1. Wall push-up

  • Place your hands on the wall, arms straight, slightly inclined towards the wall.
  • Now start pressing the ground forcefully, bend the elbow, inhale correctly, and slowly move towards the wall.
  • Now exhale slowly and bring back in the original position. Do this for 20 times.
wall push ups
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2. Knee push-up

  • Place your hands and knees on the floor.
  • Inhale and slowly go down towards the floor, squeezing your back, moving slightly front.
  • Now exhale and come back in the original position. Do this for 20 times.
knee push ups
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3. Floor push-up

  • Be in plank position, slowly inhale and push towards yourself to the ground while squeezing your glutes and back.
  • Touch the ground by the chest, slowly come up while exhaling, and attain the plank position. Do this for 20 times.
floor push up
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It is a full-body workout that is necessary to burn the fat deposited in the mammary gland. Cardio exercises increase the oxygen level and help in burning the fat. Choose your favourite soundtrack and do a 30 minutes aerobics, and results will be amazing in the end.

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It is effortless in doing and effectively works in getting rid of fat tissues from the bust and back areas. Two variations of the butterfly are quickly complete at home. These are Standing butterflies and butterfly on the mat.

Standing butterflies

  • Stand straight, chest out, hands straight in 90 degrees from the shoulder to the ground.
  • Now bring both sides in the clapping position and take back in swing as squeezing the back.
  • Feel the stretch in the chest, shoulder, and back areas and bring back in the original posture. (Optional: use weights). Repeat this for 30 times.
standing butterflies
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Butterflies on the mat

  • Lie on the mat, face towards the ceiling, bend the knees, and heels touching the ground.
  • Took each 1 kg weights in hands and bringing close to each other and again make it back on the ground. Repeat this for 30 times.
butterflies on mat

2. To have a flat belly

Having a slim and fat-free tummy area is a dream. Victoria Secret Models famous for flat bellies are known worldwide. Don’t worry. You can also have a flat and sexy stomach. We feel sad having thick blubber fat tires around waist areas regret on our eating habits when not able to wear bikinis and crop tops. Here are a few useful tips for having a small waist and flat stomach.


Daily doing of plank energizes one, burn more calories, and gives on the flat tummy. Maintains the core area tight and strengthen it. Builds stamina and builds a beautiful, attractive physique. The prolonged holding of plank stabilizes the core and burn the tight fat tissues.

Do a Plank like this

  1. Lie on the mat, maintain a distance of half meters from the ground floor and the chest, further facing the same direction.
  2. Keep the elbow on the ground, inhale correctly, arms and core tight, calves stretched, glutes squeezed, and maintain this posture for 40 seconds.
  3. Then slowly exhale and rest for 10 seconds.
  4. Again repeat the planks for two more times.

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Side planks

Side Planks also did in the same way, but it only involves one arm and one leg support. The other hand is kept on the waist and legs together. Do it alternatively each sid

side plank
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It is one of the best simple exercises for women. Crunches for a flat stomach and toning the abs is a useful tool to regain the shape. Daily doing of crunches never accumulates the fat tissue around the abdomen. They are easy to do without any needed gym equipment and is exclusively for abs making. Also suitable for oblique areas and upper abdomen regions. Here are two varieties of crunches, the abdominal or basic crunch, and bicycle crunch.


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  1. Lie down on the mat towards the hip side and hands on the back of the head.
  2. Slowly raise your legs at 90 degrees and push your upper body towards the thighs.
  3. Try to press the abdominal area and again lay down head on the ground.
  4. Repeat this process for 30 times and feel the stress in this area. That’s good to bear.


bicycle crunch
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  1. Lie down on the mat towards the hip side and hands on the back of the head.
  2. Slowly raise your legs at 90 degrees and push your upper body towards the thighs.
  3. This time legs and hands are moving alternatively, meet with each other.
  4. Keep moving like you are riding a bicycle and repeat it 30 times.
  5. The stress and strain of crunch in the abdominal and obliques felt.

So, stop blaming your self anymore and waiting for the next year to come. Pack your gym bags, fill the water bottle, take your towel, and hit the Gym. No more excuses, No more junk food in the diet. It is time to create a moment for us, for our loving ones. Do not find a reason to not go gym; Set a target to hit the gym every day.

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